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PWPNProfessional Wedding Photographers Network is a UK group of exceptional wedding photographers who are qualified to a very high standard.  We have grown very quickly and now PWPN is recognised nationally. We are proud to offer a quality service of experienced photographers so couples can find an outstanding wedding photographer in their local area. We are able to support each other by standing in should a member  be suddenly unable to cover your wedding.  

PWPN's website makes it easy for you to find an alternative professional wedding photographer.  All our members have an individual ‘Availability Checker’ which is updated regularly. If they are not available you will be directed to another recommended member on the PWPN website. You will have the opportunity to select the perfect match to your requirements as we all offer different styles and packages to fit  a reasonable budget.

Please note:

 PWPN is not just a list of photographers. We are a networking group of professional wedding photographers. We are committed to providing you with a top class service, reliability and satisfaction.

How is a photographer accepted for membership?

Membership applications to PWPN are assessed  by a team of members who will consider the following criteria.

  • Website presentation including their image galleries.
  • Must display adequate contact details on web sites and not attempt  to hide their identity and / or location.
  • Must present at least two full weddings to our team for them to  judge applicants professional  status ( We believe it is important to see how they capture the wedding as a complete day. It is not possible to judge a photographer with only a few images on their site).
  • Above all, an applicant must have full insurance cover, which will be reviewed by PWPN.

Only a small percentage of applicants are accepted to become members of the PWPN. We believe becoming a professional wedding photographer is not just  about spending a couple of thousand pounds on a  camera. We can only accept new members if they have been photographers for at least 12 months and meet all our strict criteria for membership.